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CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Sports Nutrition In Soccer is a Program

CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Sports Nutrition In Soccer


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We believe appropriate nutrition is essential to support player health and performance. A greater understanding of the physical demands of soccer has allowed a more scientific approach to training/match preparation and the manipulation of macronutrient ingestion to support training and match day performance and recovery. 

The aim of the certificate is to teach the core principles for nutrition for soccer. Each course will summarize the key topics in sports nutrition based from peer reviewed research, review articles as well as expert consensus statements. The certificate provides comprehensive learning experience which will not only inform the learners on "how" to implement sports nutrition strategies but importantly ensure they understand "why" nutrition is important.

Course Syllabus
  1. An Introduction to Soccer Metabolism and Nutrition
  2. Macronutrients and Fluid for Soccer
  3. Nutrition Considerations in Soccer
  4. Soccer Nutrition Skills