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NorCal Coaching Education - Level 1 is a Course

NorCal Coaching Education - Level 1

Started Mar 28, 2020

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Course Overview

The intent of this manual is to address the importance of teaching age-specific characteristics, fundamental concepts, and principles of the game for ages 8-12.

Worldwide, children are enjoying the “beautiful game” at a young age prior to joining clubs by playing pick up games or “street soccer”. Since children are currently playing less and less on their own, outside their clubs, our goal is to help teach coaches to recreate this type of street soccer within their training environment. Players need to develop a love and passion for the game in accordance with their natural development.

Every exercise and training should be based on teaching the player and game fundamentals. By making this a priority during an early age, players will be better prepared in a later stage when the game becomes more complex and they can adapt to any playing system or style of play.

Building an individual player foundation should be the anchor, which guides the coach within all aspects of his/her work. Within the complexity of the game and the environment of dealing with players and parents, it is vital for the coaches to have a clear picture of the player's needs in these important ages. This will ensure that the coach stays on the correct path during the development process.